Our diary software (’AMS’) is for UK audiologists. It’s been created by a leading UK software designer, with over 40 years’ experience, adapted by a Nurse Practitioner with over 30 years’ clinical experience and it’s backed by one of the UK’s foremost Independent Hearing Aid Dispensers, R J Donnan.

We are based in the UK This means personal and local help for you. Our system was designed with the help of working hearing aid dispensers in the UK, like you. It is designed for people like you.

Our two developers are also our hearing aid patients, so we are very well connected to your needs.

AMS enhances the value of your business and encourages good record keeping:
A good clean patient database is the foundation of a strong and flourishing audiology business.

AMS is a bespoke diary booking system ~ tailored for Audiologists in the UK.

Keep accurate records
AMS promotes precise patient data – all information is stored in its own section (dome type, receiver size etc). This discourages vague note-taking.
AC and BC audiometry is stored easily – multiple audiograms can be saved.
You can save scanned images in each patient record – such as video otoscopy pics, order form and repair return scans.

Reduce paper storage – Protect records

Enables the generation of reports on almost anything –
Search for patients easily…with part of a name, part of a phone number, a street name…..
Transfer data from NOAH Audiogram data can be exported to AMS. Saves you time and effort. Acts as NOAH backup.

Your own branch-based Server

Your data is your data. It is stored in your practice, not our office.
(we do back up your data to the cloud remotely as well, so no worries)

No contract Quit easily.

Customize AMS to your own needs We can shape AMS to suit your particular practice requirements.
It is well suited to UK private practice but our programmers can customize it to your exact requirements.

AMS demo
Call us to book an appointment – we can visit and demonstrate how AMS will change the way you run your practice or we can hook up on teamviewer and talk you through.

AMS for new businesses
If you are a new start-up or you have previously used a paper-based diary, you can use AMS to organise your business better. Make your business more attractive to future investors. We can transfer your data for you.

AMS for BluePrint, Auditbase, Strato users
Easily improve your data and reports by switching to AMS. We can import your data with little or no downtime.
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