AMS FEATURES – How this could help you:

The only UK-based Intuitive diary manager for audiologists
Designed by UK Audiologists
Customizable – design elements can be shaped to your needs
‘A space for everything’ encourages good data entry
Easy search, with part of a name, part of a phone number, part of a post code…
Your data is stored in your practice and on the Cloud, not a remote server
Scan and store multiple images, such as video otoscopy, order forms and audiograms
Suitable for multiple practices and staff types
Export Noah files to AMS / Send AMS files to NOAH
Save multiple AC and BC readings – audiogram history
Recall reminder pop-ups
Mail merge for creating easy letters, mailers, referrals
Create multiple report types (type of aid owned, part of post code, last appointment, last batteries purchase, etc)
Built-in EPOS type till and stock management system
Manned UK helpline


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